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Lyrics: XXXTentacion HOPE

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? (XXXTentacion album 2018)
HOPE Lyrics nach XXXTentacion



Rest in peace to all the kids that lost their lives

In the Parkland shooting

This song is dedicated to you


Okay, she keep cryin', she keep cryi' every single night

Day and night, on my mind, please don't kill the vibe

Oh no, I swear to God, I be in my mind

Swear I wouldn't die, yeah, we ain't gonna—

Said I wouldn't die, yuh, no, I'm not alright, yuh

I might start a riot, yuh, I'm so fuckin' tired, yuh

So what's up? What you say? Feelin' good, I'm feelin' great

Tired of the fuckin' hate, stackin' cheese all on my plate


So outside my misery, I think I'll find

A way of envisioning a better life

For the rest of us, the rest of us

There's hope for the rest of us, the rest of us.

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